By following the previous research theories mentioned, the ability to understand how an online company effectively attracts, retains, and targets consumers is better. Understanding that the Internet is a fast-paced society in which consumers are often skeptical and slow to make decisions without prior research, the previous theories offer research that greatly affects how companies look at consumer service through marketing.

As previous research shows, the research theories of this article allow marketing and advertising managers for organizations and companies alike to create new methods of attracting consumers while being satisfaction minded. The study regarding a brand associated Web address similar to the actual brand name, thus easily accessible on the Web proves more profitable than a Web address that has a blurry relationship to the brand name. For example, an online site that has a simple, well-associated address with the brand, such as Nike, allows consumers to remember the address. Consumers do not have to waste time searching and writing down Web addresses. The only work for consumers is opening a browser, typing Nike in the address bar, and heading directly to the site. This simplifies finding an online brand and attracts more consumers due to the simple retention of what the Web address contains. the brand name.

Thus, the use of avatars gives advertisers the ability to create a permanent face or character to associate with their site. The character not only acts as an advertising method that allows for clothing options and brand placements, but also shows customer service by acting as a personal assistant to the consumer. Marketing managers have the ability to serve the online community better by providing a completely new service. Insurance market

For future research, it could be possible that the area of 3-D marketing is a permanent method of advertising. A 3-D face associated with every site and a permanent workforce of customer service employees (void of pay and human resources concerns) arise from the research. In addition, research could prove that brand name addressing is one of the best ways to market a product or service. As with the concern of shrinking online Web space mentioned in the above research, companies become more aware of the seriousness a well-named Web address affects the success of an online presence.


As the world grows further and further from printed goods, the marketing industry must change and adapt. Banks and others try to promote paperless statements and online transactions. Thus, the face of marketing becomes more electronic and media driven. At the front of this new dimension is the Internet. Online marketing grew extremely fast, almost boundlessly.

Having an online presence is necessary in society today. With the increasing number of Internet users and more consumers switching from “bricks and mortar” to online, a successful marketing campaign cannot exist without an online storefront. Thus, the research presented in this article proves the benefits of how a focused online strategy increases the consumer possibilities of the company.

Time will show to what extent the Internet will change the way businesses attract consumers; however, there is one fact that will stand. The Internet is here to stay. As with the common saying, “If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to get off the porch,” the only foreseeable way for companies to survive in the new economy is through online stores for the consumers.

Consumer purchasing changed drastically within the past decade. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace with online media being one of the most accelerated. Therefore, we must replace ideas about marketing with the expansion of marketing… an online necessity.