A person’s motivation is a combination of desire and energy directed at achieving a goal. It is the cause of action. Influencing someone’s motivation means getting them to want to do what you know must be done. (U.S. Army Handbook, 1973). Effort should be focused on helping people to align company goals with individual aspirations. Motivation and goals cannot be imposed from outside by a boss – motivation and goals must be determined from within the person, mindful of internal needs, and external opportunities and rewards.

It’s becoming more widely accepted that the Right Herzberg’s findings about human motivation have been tested and proven time and gain. His theory, tell us that the factors that demotivate do not necessarily motivate when reversed. The conventional solution to dissatisfaction over pay levels would be to increase pay in the belief that people would then work harder and be more motivated.

However, research shows that whilst increasing wages, improving job security and positive working relationships have a marginal impact, the main factors that characterize extreme satisfaction at work are: achievement, recognition, interesting work, responsibility, advancement and growth. , we use incentive, goal-setting-social cognitive, and social motivation theories to examine knowledge sharing and its influence on individual performance. Achievement for achievement’s sake is no basis for motivation – a person’s quality of life must benefit too. The recipient’s self-efficacy has a stronger relationship with performance goals when the recipient trusted the provider. Finally, self-set goals and knowledge sharing had both direct and interactive effects on individual performance. Encourage and help people to grow and develop, and performance improvement is inevitable.

Planning the appraisal process is an important subject in an official system which is annually conducted in an organization, spending a large amount of time and expenditures to reach the objectives like: manpower development, including improvements, promotions and assignments in managerial positions, persuasion and punishment, salary increase, personnel’s performance feedback and determining their educational needs. In order to reach the objectives of an organization, every person must have sufficient awareness of her/ his position with such as awareness, the employees will detect the strong and weak points of their performance and behavior, so that they will probably resolve the problems and deficiencies and will turn them into more efficiency and effectiveness.