They indentified 5 sources of research problem for students

1. Specialization-This is from an intensive search to reveal accomplishments of completed research in your area of specialization. One trys to find if there are problems which are yet unresolved. You may take up research in an identified area in order to highlight the recommendations for resolving or solving such problem. You may also see solutions to a problem another way.
2. Analysis of an areas of knowledge:- Divide a known area into sub parts and try to see if there are problems or gaps in knowledge identified. You can then find problem that is researchable by carefully examining the gap that exist in that area of knowledge.
3. Considering existing practices and needs; In education for example, gaps exist between principles and practice. A systematic analysis of existing practice and needs in particular , is a challenging intellectual exercise , whether the area examined is local , regional or national. The gaps in knowledge identified through a canvass should be viewed as challenges . You may include problem manifested in the actual practice
4. Repetition or extension of investigation ; History is never complete. Surveys of status can only be accurate within time and space. Under various condition a different laboratories results are bound to differ. One may therefore decide to repeat the investigation and write new report on it
5. “Off-shoots “of studies; if one looks at other research work done by scholars, you may see recommendation for further studies. Since research is cyclical or helical a new research starts when another ends


Critical Reading and Listening: sometimes questions arise when you read or hear.

Topic Significance or Focus : Some articles you need or even lectures you attend may make you wonder and ask some questions

Result Applicability :In research the information collected by a researcher is always more than required for that particular research. Example; a case study may focus on gender (male and female). You may see that other categories or dimensions were not investigated and you may want to investigate that area like experiences, age, qualification, social status etc

There are several ways a student can source for problems in education. However below also are areas in education that a student can find researchable problems

1. Current issues in education
2. Educational standards
3. Educational administration
4. Education law and policy
5. Educational psychology
6. Learning styles and theories
7. Learning and developmental disabilities
8. Curriculum and instruction
9. Testing and assessment
10. Classroom management
11. Early elementary and secondary school education
12. Educational theories ( motivation, decision making , leadership styles etc)
13. Institutional effectiveness
14. Teacher burnout
15. Teacher attrition
16. Teacher /student relationship
17. School and classroom climate
18. Accountability in education
19. Critical thinking
20. Multicultural education
21. Malpractices , drugs and gangs
22. Peer pressure and students
23. Academic achievements/performance (often over-researched)
24. School reform practices
25. Students evaluation
26. School drop outs / completion rates
27. Supervision of instruction/inspection
28. So many other areas needing research and the list are so expansive and inexhaustible