The word research is used in everyday speech and has a broad range of meanings. This really makes it confusing for students especially those who must learn to use the word in a narrow and precise sense. Sometimes it can be used for finding out some information in the library or something it means searching through a set of materials for a particular information one has in mind. Sometimes those in business world use the word research as a means getting some information about a new product, introducing a new brand of products or improving standard of already existing product. To many people any activity which involves searching out data, information or any material, is called research. In actual sense all these activities listed above could be better described as information gathering. Research is not information gatherings, transportation of fact from one location to another, merely rummaging for information or a catch-word used by business men or marketers to get attention of prospective customers.

Research is a systematic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information (data) in order to increase our understanding of the phenomena about which we are interested or concerned (OrmrodA and Leedy 2005). Research projects vary in complexity and duration. Research typically has eight characteristics

1. Research originates with a question or problem
2. Research requires clear articulation of a goal
3. Research requires a specific plan for proceedings
4. Research divides the principal problem into manageable sub-problems
5. Research is studied by specific research problems, question and or hypothesis
6. Research accepts certain assumptions
7. Research is the collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the problem that initiated the research
8. Research is by its nature cyclical or helical (that is it generates another problem)


A Challenge to Students of-1