The consumerism which manifests itself in luxury, extravagancy is an old phenomenon over the civil development of the human communities. The well-known economist John Kenneth Galbraith, 1958 wrote his book entitled ‘Affluent Society’ in the mid of last century. He criticized and warned against the phenomenon of rushing towards producing and encouraging the artificial goods with the purpose of profitability at the expense of the public services. However, under the absence of the values and principles that control the behavioral consumption, it is difficult to lessen the problem and control it. Although the consumption behavior depends on the individual and the society purchasing power according to the market laws ‘supply and demand’, it is not only an economic phenomenon but a phenomenon where other religious, cultural, psychological, technological, political and social factors are entwined. There are multiple nature and fields of conspicuous consumption as its shapes differ according to its affecting factors.

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By following the previous research theories mentioned, the ability to understand how an online company effectively attracts, retains, and targets consumers is better. Understanding that the Internet is a fast-paced society in which consumers are often skeptical and slow to make decisions without prior research, the previous theories offer research that greatly affects how companies look at consumer service through marketing.

As previous research shows, the research theories of this article allow marketing and advertising managers for organizations and companies alike to create new methods of attracting consumers while being satisfaction minded. The study regarding a brand associated Web address similar to the actual brand name, thus easily accessible on the Web proves more profitable than a Web address that has a blurry relationship to the brand name. For example, an online site that has a simple, well-associated address with the brand, such as Nike, allows consumers to remember the address. Consumers do not have to waste time searching and writing down Web addresses. The only work for consumers is opening a browser, typing Nike in the address bar, and heading directly to the site. This simplifies finding an online brand and attracts more consumers due to the simple retention of what the Web address contains. the brand name.

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Proposition 1.1 In order to become an online success in marketing, companies must be able to catch the eye of consumers. Most methods are considerably profitable. Yet, using the combination of 3-D animation and the use of a Website for a company, a better way to attract consumers would be to create an avatar as a sales guide for the site.

By combining the need for consumers to search a site and the visual means of advertising, a 3-D avatar becomes the next step in online consumer targeting. The avatar guides the consumer throughout the site and answers questions based on the information within the site. This avatar serves as a permanent salesperson for consumers to use as they wish, without pressure and on their own time.

The proposed method of testing is creating an organization or company as a “dummy site.” By implementing the dummy site, participants use both the dummy site and an actual site within the same market (e.g., and a dummy site of the same proportion). The participants complete a survey regarding their online experience with each site and express their likelihood of returning to each site for a future purchase. Buyers and Sellers

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The Internet proved itself as a growing industry with the ability to reach various cultures and consumers. For the relative size of a marketing campaign, the Internet has the most results for the money spent. The Internet allows advertisers to go far beyond the boundaries once established for corporations, products, or services. The Internet is the sole alternative in which a company may globally market their business with such ease and low cost. T aking into account the number of people that access the Internet, businesses reach the entire world with an online advertisement. The only costs related to online advertising is the price to purchase an Internet domain or to establish an advertisement. While businesses might spend a substantial amount of money on an online advertising campaign, it is pennies compared to traditional advertising. In addition, the Internet reaches people globally. Alternatively, a traditional advertising campaign could costs millions to launch a global campaign especially factoring in the attitudes of various cultures. Furthermore, the ability to target consumers and learn from them is a plus. Online advertising has the ability to track the attitudes and behavior of consumers rather quickly. Each time a consumer visits a Website or uses a search engine companies track these numbers. Banks’ service

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Lastly, the most recent and one of the most effective means of online advertising and marketing is online video. It is common for anyone visiting a site to have an interruption for fifteen seconds as a video plays from a sponsor while the page loads. Whether people watch an online episode of their favorite television series or simply catch some of the highlights from the game last night, online videos consistently interrupt as a means to help the video provider offset costs and advertise their products in a quick and effective manner. With the growing popularity of online video marketing and the given, stable success of banner advertisement, banner videos are the fastest growing means of online advertising. What better suits a company than having a banner play video or animation for at least fifteen seconds? The growing popularity of video banners caused the formation for a group known as POOL. POOL is an organization of online marketers that regulate the format of online videos and banners. The need for reformation in the industry occurred due to the needs for marketing departments and online advertising organizations to have a single coding of online video in order to simplify production and use. Since the inception of POOL the only major question that arose from the online marketing sector of videos and video banners is whether to choose a pre-roll (one that is prior to sight or video), mid-roll (one that occurs during a video or site function), or post-roll (one that follows the viewing of a video or site). Most advertisers refuse to use a post-roll setup because the common occurrence of consumers is a lack of interest after viewing a site or video. Lloyds TSB Bank

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After addressing the myths of online marketing, the next step is looking at the various means of marketing for the Internet. According to David Meerman Scott, the Vice-President of Marketing at NewsEdge Corporation and Knight Ridder, which was one of the largest newspaper companies in the world, technology evolves and companies must find innovations to take the lead online. “I see so many companies applying the ‘old rules’ to online marketing. These people spend boatloads of money on advertising campaigns that are one-way interruptions.” His proposal was that the companies that diversify their techniques have the best success. The companies that have “great thought leadership” use content such as online blogs, podcasts, banners, videos, eBooks, and content rich Websites. “These are the people who are successful on the Web” (Scott, 2007, pp. 36-40). The Internet introduced at least two technological innovations in advertising: (a) the ability to relate payments and performance (e.g., pay per click) and (b) an improved ability to target advertising messages to consumers (Bergemann&Bonatti, 2011, p. 435).

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Another distinct characteristic of online marketing and e-commerce is the separation of buyers and sellers. Consumers lack the ability to inspect goods before purchasing from an online retail site; however, this dilemma is avoidable. One common method utilized currently is by the online auction company eBay. The institution of a rating system that allows buyers to rate sellers based on their transactions greatly reduces the occurrence of fraudulent activity on the behalf of sellers. Through consumer feedback and the ability of consumers to research sellers a comfort zone (although not flawless) allows for ease in transactions (Sun, 2006). As more retailers enter the Internet market this rating system occurs on numerous sites. Even reputable retailers such as Best Buy allow consumers to read reviews from other consumers whether the comments are positive or negative. Buyer seller relationships

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The vastly growing e-commerce realm recently sparked the curiosity of many in the professions of marketing and advertising. As technology quickly advanced over the past fifteen years in the home and workplace to accommodate the frantic lifestyle of society the need for on demand real-time transactions grew exponentially. Society watched over the last ten to fifteen years as the Internet grew from its infant state (56K dial-up) to the current broadband used today. Along with the growth of the Internet, other items such as cell phones improved drastically to keep in touch with a world hooked on viral videos and e-mail. One no longer waits for a dial tone to connect to the vast web of information and commerce. Now society has household connections that one once believed were only for the largest companies or the government. It is uncommon to wait for a Website to load. All forms of media are at our fingertips: movies, games, news, weather, etc. The term to best describe the growth of the Internet and other evolutions during this period is “doggy years”; it seems that for every year of life, technology and accessibility of that technology advances three to five years. Where is the ending point? Is it possible to stop the “created monster”? Many in the academic setting are very aware of changes going on around them over the years and thus delved into the heap of knowledge and possibilities that only a cyber world offers.

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Choosing Internet marketing as a viable topic of research seems more necessary than implied. In order to take full advantage of the marketing world, people must be able to diversify and broaden their perspectives in marketing. The Internet became a mainframe for all types of transactions from online banking to video rentals to increasing grocery sales each of which need marketing with great precision using various forms of advertising.

As there are many ways to advertise in the business world: posters, hordes, flyers, business cards, television, etc. there are various techniques for online marketing as well. While each method has its advantages and disadvantages, one factor remains the same: being target specific. Would you use a television advertisement to sell goods from a catalog? Would it not be more effective and less expensive to print a catalog?

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The history between two groups is a potent deciding factor the possibility of conflicts. It has been observed that countries which have a long history of conflicts and inter-struggle cause conflicts between groups. Besides, families have maintained serious conflicts for generations together as sometimes a conflict between two people may have roots in an event that is many years past. In all such examples history stands as a potent source of conflicts and such conflict must be viewed within its historical context. (Mayer, 2000). Lingenfelter and Mayers (2001) stated that it takes time and effort to overcome the historical issues where the multicultural organizations provide a good platform for interaction between people of various backgrounds to have talks to overcome such issues but in despite such effort the history between the two cultures and countries most of the time acts as a potential source of conflicts. Screening methods

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